Securities Information

Securities Information

by koko


The Company’s securities are listed and traded AIM but not on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

FairFX Group plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeover and Mergers.


The number of ordinary shares in issue is 162,868,259 (last updated 2 April 2019). Insofar as the Company is aware, the percentage of securities that is not in public hands is 45.27% (last updated 1 April 2019).

A list of Directors & Major Shareholders (greater than 3.0%) and the percentage of their holdings (last updated 1 April 2019) is set out below:

Name No. of Ordinary Shares held Percentage of issued share capital
Crystal Amber Fund Limited 39,218,497 24.08%
Pembar Limited 28,615,813 17.57%
BlackRock 8,074,387 4.96%
Christian Levett 7,024,900 4.31%
Stephen Heath 6,262,361 3.85%
Bill and Catherine Currie 5,650,000 3.47%
Tellworth Investments 5,009,543 3.08%


There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM securities.