FairFX Group Plc Investor Relations

FairFX Group Plc Investor Relations

by koko

About FairFX Group Plc

FairFX is a leading challenger brand in banking and payments that disintermediates the incumbent banks with a superior customer experience and low-cost operating model.

Our products enable personal and business customers to make easy, low-cost payments both domestically and in a broad range of currencies via one integrated system. The FairFX platform facilitates payments either direct to Current Accounts or at 35 million merchants via mobile apps, the Internet, SMS, wire transfer and Mastercard/VISA debit cards.

FairFX provides money movement services to both personal and business customers through four channels: Currency Cards, Travel Cash, Corporate Expenses International Payments and Current Accounts. The Currency Card and Travel Cash offerings facilitate overseas payments at points of sale and ATMs whereas the International Payments channel supports wire transfer foreign exchange transactions direct to Current Accounts. For corporates, FairFX has a market-leading Expenses solution based around its corporate platform and prepaid card. This service can yield significant savings on expenses and procurement both domestically and overseas, through better controls and improved transparency. The platform also streamlines the administrative processes and integrates into accounting software, thus saving costs. The FairFX Group offers retail and business Current Accounts with functionality such as faster payments, BACS, CHAPS, direct debits, international payments and debit cards.

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FairFX Group Plc is incorporated and registered in England and Wales (Registration number: 08922461) and its main country of operation is in the United Kingdom.

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Trusted Prepaid Card Provider – Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2016